Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

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Failure of cavity wall ties is a widespread problem throughout the UK, particularly in older properties, it can lead to horizontal & stepped cracking to brickwork, bulging of brickwork and if left unattended can eventually cause the external skin of brickwork to collapse.

How Wall Tie Failure Happens:
Over time moisture (rain etc) penetrates in from the outside and attacks the wall ties, causing a build-up of iron oxide (more commonly known as Rust).

As each wall tie oxidises, rust is formed, expands, pushes apart the mortar beds and causes cracks.

Signs to look for:

  • Vertical or Horizontal cracks in Brickwork
  • Bulges in Brickwork
  • Cracks appearing around Windows and Doorways
Repairing & Replacing your Cavity Wall Ties

Barrier Property Care will survey your property using a metal detector to locate the ties and a portable camera device to examine their condition. Where replacements are necessary, Barrier Property Care can choose from a range of stainless steel wall ties that can be fixed either mechanically or with specially formulated resins depending on the type and condition of the brickwork or masonry involved.

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